Known for its kettle-dyed yarn in rich colorways, Malabrigo has quickly become a favorite yarn in the last few years. Made from Merino sheep, this wool is so deliciously soft and fun to work with that you’ll find yourself choosing it again and again! Check out the different styles of yarn we carry! Rios (4). A 4-ply superwash merino yarn in worsted weight, the versatility and colors will give you option after option as you dream of even more projects… sweaters, blankets, scarves, shawls, and anything else you can dream up! Website252 Website257 Website260 Arroyo (2). Just like Rios, this is a superwash 4-ply merino yarn in a finer weight (2/sport) which gives added stitch definition and is perfect for lighter weight projects where you want to show off your work. At 335 yards, this yarn is a great deal. Website263 Sock (1). Similar to Rios and Arroyo, this is a lovely 3-ply superwash yarn in a sock weight (1). The lovely color options and great yardage (440!) make it a great choice for not only socks, but shawls, lace projects, and other stitch-definition projects. Website275 Lace (1). A thin single-ply merino, this yarn really shows off the colors and is a great option for light and airy lace projects. Easy to carry around in a small project bag, it is super soft and wonderful for just about anything. Website203 Website207 Worsted (4). This is a gorgeous single-ply merino in worsted weight (3) that is super soft and yummy. It looks fabulous in any pattern, but is also really lovely felted! Since it’s slightly less expensive than its superwash brother Rios, this is a very popular yarn. Website249 Website250 Rasta (6). Just like worsted, but super bulky (5), get ready for a super-quick, super-soft project! 90 yards of single-ply merino kettle dyed makes this yarn a treat. Website262 Chunky (5). This is a 3-ply merino yarn, which makes the colors a little more blended than the single-ply yarns. A chunky weight (4), it’s perfect for quick projects like hats, scarves and mittens. Super soft and wonderful, this is a go-to choice for any size project! Website246