Brown Sheep Yarn Company is based in Nebraska, and is well known for their American grown and spun yarn. All wool, it is beautiful to see the different colors and styles that good wool can handle with style. We currently carry six different types of wool from them.

Roving. Superwash, regular, and “waste” roving, these are basic colors and wools for the beginning to advanced spinner. You can try any of them with a drop spindle, too! Lovely to see, lovely to feel, this price can’t be beat for roving.


Lanaloft (4). This is a single-ply, 160 yard/100g yarn that makes it a heavy worsted. This wool is absolutely perfect for stranding or colorwork, and makes lovely sweaters, hat and mittens also. Bold colorways show off this wool.



Burly Spun (6). Like its name suggests, this is a super-bulky single-ply wool yarn great for quick projects. From a lovely lace blanket (yes, that’s right!) down to a small felted purse, it can all be done. And because wool shows color like no other fiber, there are some lovely options to choose from.

Wool grown and processed in the US
Website103 Wool grown and processed in the US

Legacy Lace (1). A laceweight 2-ply wool, any project made with this yarn will feel airy. Perfect for lacy projects and colorwork, 430 yards/50g will definitely awe you for the price.


Wildfoote Sock Yarn (1). Beautiful in both the solids and the variegated, this 4-ply yarn is great for those handmade socks. You can’t beat basic wool for luxury socks your feet will adore! This yarn is also great for lace projects and colorwork