Joy Povich, Owner

My yarn dreams began when I was 7, when my grandmother taught me how to tat (make lace with a shuttle and thread). Shortly after, I learned how to crochet (knitting came much later), and from then on I was slightly obsessed.

Our dream to have our own yarn store was a little bit of an accident: opportunity arose, and we took it. I don’t think I had ever really thought it was possible to have my own yarn store before then. Dream about it? Sure. But own one? Wow.
My favorite yarns are:
3. Anything alpaca
2. Mushishi wool
1. Malabrigo. Anything Malabrigo.

My favorite thing to make knitted: anything fair isle or for the boys. Crocheted: hats. Tatted: necklaces.

My favorite thing about having our own store: being able to have our son Miles (and now Devon!) there with me all the time. It makes everything very difficult and yet very rewarding.
I (we) look forward to many more years as part of the Quad Cities yarn community.
Joy (and Jotham and Miles…and Devon!)

Valerie, Class Instructor

I’m Valerie McConchie and I’m completely addicted to yarn! Crafting time can be hard to come by as my husband and I raise our four wonderful children, but there usually isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not working on a project (or two!). I started out knitting after I saw the sweetest hand-knit baby hat. I only reluctantly picked up a crochet hook after a friend recommended I at least learn the basics and I quickly learned to enjoy crochet as much as knitting. As a mostly self-taught knitter and crocheter, I enjoy passing along what I’ve learned to others and I always enjoy the challenge of a new stitch or pattern.

My favorite yarn:
1. Malabrigo…always Malabrigo
2. Cascade 220 Superwash

My favorite things to knit or crochet:
1. Cowls
2. Shawls
3. Socks (knit)
4. Motifs (crochet)

Lesa, Class Instructor

My grandma first introduced me to knitting when I was little, but didn’t start knitting myself until high school. After moving back to the Quad Cities after college, I really got into knitting and making projects besides blankets and scarves. I always working on multiple projects at once, and almost always have one with me. My favorite yarn is Malabrigo, and my favorite thing to knit are fingerless mitts. My day job is a physical therapist assistant working with geriatrics, love that I can talk yarn and knitting with so many of my patients! I currently live in Davenport with my pup Jazz.

I am so happy to be a part of the Knit and Knot family!

Class Instructor

Andre, Class Instructor

By day I’m a Sign Language Interpreter, and by every other moment that I’m not working, eating, or sleeping, I’m pretty much knitting. I’m from Cedar Rapids originally, but moved to Davenport in 2003. I’m married to Bob and have two babies, of the furry type, Chloe (Golden Retriever) and Houdini (big, black, long haired, man of a cat). I met Joy in 2008 and we became instant friends when we realized we had the same passion for yarn. I would go to her house in between my freelance work and would have lunch and knit/spin/tat/crochet together, SEVERAL days a week. We had this crazy dream, like most yarnies, to own our own knit shop, and now here we are! I absolutely LOVE my job here at Knit & Knot and as I tell people, it is my job that gives me back my sanity.

My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was in high school, but sadly moved away before she could help me fix all of my mistakes or to see me with a finished project. My sister in law re-taught me a few years later and got that fire going again. I finished my first project, a scarf, shortly after! Since then, it’s rare to see me anywhere without my knitting needles!

Favorite thing to knit: So hard to say, since I love to make most everything, but I really do enjoy making monsters. They make everyone smile and their faces just crack me up.

Favorite yarn at Knit & Knot: Can I say EVERYTHING?!? Maybe I can narrow it down to a top 5:
5: Plymouth, Baby Alpaca Worsted/Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino (sorry it was a tie)
4: Juniper Moon, Sabine
3: Noro, both worsted and sock
2: Plymouth, Mushishi
1: Malabrigo, any weight!

Class Instructor

Laura, Class Instructor

I’ve been knitting since my mother and grandmother taught me when I was in middle school. The picture on the left is my Grandma Marge winding a skein of yarn by hand in 1967. She taught knitting workshops all around the country and worked at a local yarn shop in Wausau, Wis. Now I’m following in her footsteps here at Knit & Knot!

I knit all through high school in Northeastern Wisconsin and college in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but I really started knitting with gusto when I moved to Davenport right after college. I had a lot of spare time on my hands, since I didn’t know anyone here! I work as an environment engineer by day and knit at all other times, including my lunch break.

My husband Paul and I live in northwest Davenport with our puppy Watson. I’m having a blast sharing my passion for the knitting with others through classes and workshops at Knit & Knot!



Amanda, Class Instructor

I’m Amanda, and I love yarn!

I grew up watching my mom crochet, but it wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I was taught from a co-worker how to crochet. I was a fast learner and quickly became addicted to it. About two years ago one of my best friends taught me how to knit. I was frustrated and gave up the first time we tried, but then I was still so intrigued by it, that I tried again and now love it. I still crochet more than I knit, but am eager to get some knitting projects going. I love to make scarves, hats and blankets and am eager to make myself a cardigan.

My family and I just moved here to the Quad Cities in July of 2015. I’ve been married to my husband Aaron for 14 years and we have three boys, John 15, AJ 11, and Alijah 4. I am excited to become a part of the Knit & Knot family, and to learn more about the fascinating yarns that are available!


Meghan, Class Instructor

If I’m not working at the Family Museum or going to school I’m either working on some type of craft such as cross-stitch, weaving, but mostly knitting! My love for all things yarn began in fourth grade when my mother taught me to crochet. My grandmother proceeded to teach me to knit, on four different occasions. It wasn’t until college when I retaught myself to knit hats that I fell in love – and the more complicated the better. I love beautiful colorwork and intarsia as well as complicated cables and knots. I thoroughly enjoy learning the different types of techniques to make knitting even fun! I love all the yarns but if I have to choose it’s Cascade Superwash 220, Malabrigo, and Berroco!