Five Year Anniversary!

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Thank you.


For all who came out and simply said “congratulations,” thank you.


To those who have supported us financially (and your fabulous stash) throughout the years, thank you.


We had a great last weekend of sales, and ordered a bunch of new goodies this week, including the long-awaited Rios, which is finally partially back in stock. There are also a couple of great yarn bowls from our local KK Brinson Studios! We are thrilled to see what else she has for us!

Meanwhile, life with yarn and babies at the shop continues! Devon and Andi are super good buddies and can be seen scooting around the shop trying to find a moment where no one is looking so that they can touch the yarn and needles just like the big people!

A few of our new projects include “Snoqualmie” a lovely cabled house-sweater (which I will wear everywhere), “Staring at Stars” (a little throw-on sweater), and “Adema” a cute cowl/shawl thingy.


Again, thanks for your support!!! And, if you ever want to know what owning a yarn shop is like, stop on by! We are happy to share our lives 🙂


-Joy, Jotham, Miles and Devon

While you weren’t looking, we thought we would see what all the fuss was about!